Termas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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What is a Termas?

In Brazil the Portuguese word Termas litterally means Spa, but it refers to a legal club or facility where Garotas de programa operate. A termas is a combination spa/health club/massage facility/bar/brothel!

How does a Termas Work?


Normally after paying your entrance fee at a reception desk you will receive a locker key. Then proceed to a locker room to change into a robe and to lockup your clothes and personal effects. You can also shower/sauna and in some places even freshen up with disposable toothbrushes and razors that are provided. Your locker key is very important, besides locking up your clothes in a locker it also acts as a "credit card" inside of the termas to purchase drinks, massages, garotas de programa, etc. so keep track of your key at all times.

  • There are a few termas where you stay in your street clothes.
  • Some termas have a bad habit of providing a girl to help you change, usually these are the worst girls and it is best to ditch them as soon as possible. See below about ditching.


Termas usually have a bar (Boite Pronounced: Bo ar- chi), a sauna, and other amenities such as TVs with football or telenovelas (soap operas) playing. There is a common room like a lounge where you meet the garotas de programa for selection. When you first enter the area where the girls are, you might want to walk around awhile and check the talent out before taking a seat. If you see someone you want to check out closer, just say hi and ask if she wants a drink. If you sit down when you enter, you’re likely to be trapped by one of the more aggressive girls, these girls use this tactic because they’ll get no takers otherwise.

They have rooms ranging from a basic bed to luxury suites with jacuzzis. Some rooms are included in the basic price and only charge for suite upgrades, but some termas have a charge for even a basic room. In some termas a suite is just a basic room with a private shower, so you should check before upgrading.

Choosing a Girl

Ditching a Girl

Some first timers can get trapped by an overly aggressive girl. If you get trapped by a girl you’re not interested in, head off for a shower or sauna, or tell her you’re looking for a specific girl you’ve been with before (you can claim you’ve forgotten her name). You can also get up and go to the bathroom, when you come back stand at the bar for a while. If she comes back and tries to grab you again, just say you want to relax a bit or keep moving, a moving target is hard to hit, move around.

  • It is more difficult if you have already groped her, hence try to be a little distant until you know there is going to be a good chance of going to a room.

List of Termas in Rio de Janeiro

*Total Cost = 1 hour + entrance fee + room fee (if applicable)
*Room fee is sometimes a suite upgrade, more details provided on individual Termas pages

Sortable Termas List
Name Barrio Entrance
Partial Hour
1 Hour
Black and White Bonsucesso R$10 R$60 R$90 R$180 R$100
Boate Flórida Centro R$10 R$70 R$100 R$100
Buena Vista Club Campo Grande R$10 R$32 R$132 R$30 R$142
Café 400 Barra da Tijuca R$40 R$160 R$200 R$240 website
Centro de Lazer MV30 Centro R$30 R$90 R$170 R$200
Club 117 Glória
Club 29 Botafogo
Copacabana Termas Spa Copacabana
Só Filé e Cia Niterói R$100 R$30 R$130
Paris Café Recreio dos Bandeirantes R$20 R$160 R$200 R$50 R$270 website
Phoenix Copacabana R$30 R$130 R$160
Termas 116 Centro R$3 R$20 R$50 R$20 R$73
Termas 191 Centro R$10 R$60 R$100 R$110
Termas 21 Centro R$20 R$110 R$140 R$160
Termas 31 Centro R$15 R$70 R$110 R$180 R$125
Termas 4x4 Centro R$40 R$160 R$180 R$220 website
Termas 502 Centro R$10 R$77 R$112 R$122
Termas 65 Centro R$55 R$135 R$180 R$70 R$305 website
Termas 73 Estácio
Termas 81 Centro R$10 R$70 R$110 R$120
Termas Aeroporto Centro R$60 R$100 R$130 R$90 R$280
Termas Âncora do Recreio Recreio dos Bandeirantes R$20 R$130 R$150 R$170 website
Termas Aquárius Saúde R$10 R$90 R$130 R$140
Termas Beach Girls Copacabana
Termas Black House Estácio R$10 R$50 R$90 R$100
Termas Cancun Centro R$30 R$180 R$50 R$260 website
Termas Caribean Queen Ramos R$15 R$60 R$120 R$135
Termas Centaurus Ipanema R$90 R$150 R$300 R$100 R$490
Termas Coquettish Penha R$10 R$70 R$130 R$140
Termas Correia Dutra Flamengo
Termas Excentric Niterói R$20 R$90 R$130 R$150
Termas Jacarepaguá Curicica
Termas L´Uomo Copacabana R$50 R$140 R$210 R$60 R$320 website
Termas La Palace Centro R$40 R$160 R$200 R$240
Termas Monte Carlo Copacabana R$60 R$130 R$60 R$250 website
Termas no Centro de Niterói Niterói R$50
Termas Rio Antigo Glória R$40 R$150 R$200 R$240 website
Termas Solarium Lagoa R$60 R$130 R$60 R$250 website
Termas Sol de Ipanema Ipanema
Whisqueria Orion Café Curicica

Map of all Termas

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