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Termas Rio Antigo
Rua Joaquim Silva 2 - Glória
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Brazil, 20241-110
(21) 2224-9591
Hours: Mon-Fri 14:00-24:00
Number of Girls: up to 30
Entrance Fee: R$40 USD
40 Minutes: R$150 USD
1 Hour: R$200 USD
Room Fee*: Unknown
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<googlemap lat="-22.915885" lon="-43.176606" type="map" zoom="15" overview="yes" controls="large">(T) -22.915885, -43.176606, Termas Rio Antigo</googlemap>



The Bubba Report on Brazil

Not far from Centro but still in Zona Sul. I had not really visited this place much until my visits in Jan05 and Feb05 due to it being relatively small. However it has become a favourite of mine because I found a couple of girls that were outstanding. Rooms are very new and nice, with little wash basins for cleaning up afterwards (one girl dropped her pants right in front of me and pissed in the basin, as I smiled to her thinking "what the fuck", she just laughed, I love the attitudes of these girls). Very much a locals place, English is spoken by at least one of the receptionists.

Best time to arrive is around 5pm, maybe just before, any earlier and not everyone has arrived yet and you will be most likely the only guy there. Generally does not get packed by men at any time, mostly Brasilian men as clients who tend to grab one girl and sit on her for a couple of hours. Much better Tue-Wed-Thu, I have found Mon & Fri to be very quiet and not all girls are present.

A young black waiter has worked there for a while, he speaks excellent English and is a good guy. I usually give him R$5 or R$10 on the way out. Remember most of these guys are earning R$500 a month, that’s R$20 per day, R$5 can go along way to making some ones day. I also give the locker attendant R$2 or so, once I gave her R$20 after a lady had an accident while letting me bang her ass there, you can well imagine the robe was not the prettiest when returned and she earned the R$20 tip!

Many travesti's are lined up on the main street directly outside Antigo at night, not my thing but a spectacle none the less. It is kind of cool to see lots of normal people just going about their business when there is literally a tranny every 10 yards wearing a G. One warning and this applies to all streetwalkers in Rio de Janeiro, they are notorious pickpockets, hence be very aware of where your cash is if you do get enticed for a chat. I have generally found the surrounding area to be safe for me, I catch the Metro back at night.

Bwana Dik’s Rio Guide

Rio Antigo has some fans, although I’m not among them. Prices are fairly similar to L´uomo and the set-up is fairly standard. There is a main bar area where most of the girls hang out and occasional strip shows are held. A TV room nearby is a quieter place to sit with the garota of your choice and watch soccer or the ever-present telenovela (Brasilian soap opera). The facilities (showers, sauna, and steam bath) were all recently renovated and are the nicest of any termas I’ve visited.

I have not found this termas to be as interesting as many of the others on this list, but others have told me they’ve had good experiences here. The problem has mainly been a fairly limited selection of quality girls. On my last visit there were about 40 garotas on the floor, and I didn’t find a single one do-able. One guy on the Brasilian boards opined that Vila Mimosa has a better selection of garotas! I did visit here several times in 2003 to enjoy the company of the marvelous Patricia, but she has since left Rio Antigo. It’s probably worth at least one visit. Every once in awhile a stunner wanders into the place. My favorite Solarium garota worked at Rio Antigo briefly.

Entrance here is R$40, a 40 minute session will set you back R$140, and expect to pay R$200 for an hour in a suite. Again, because of its proximity to downtown, it is only open on weekdays, from 2 p.m. until midnight. Rio Antigo is within walking distance of the Glória Metro station. If you can read Portuguese, enter their website through the “Portuguese language” rather than English portal, as the Portuguese section has a link to special promotions that is not available on the English pages.