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Termas Monte Carlo
R. Hilário de Gouveia, 19 - Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Brazil, 22040-020
(21) 2255-4489
Hours: Mon-Fri 15:00-02:00
Sat-Sun 15:00-24:00
Number of Girls: up to 50
Entrance Fee: R$60 USD
40 Minutes: R$130 USD
1 Hour: Unknown
Room Fee*: R$60 USD
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<googlemap lat="-22.969606" lon="-43.182976" type="map" zoom="15" overview="yes" controls="large">(T) -22.969606, -43.182976, Termas Monte Carlo</googlemap>


  • Open on Sundays
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Sometimes they have specials for their newsletter clients, hence you may wish to enter your email address at their website. The special has been a no charge for the room on certain days to the value of R$60.
  • Owned by the same people that own Termas Solarium.


The Bubba Report on Brazil

The staff here tends to turnover fast, hence if you don’t like the selection one day, give it a few days and you might see some new faces in the line. Great location, nice and close to ground zero.

Note, of late maybe 35% of girls have been doing CBJ here, best to ask the girl if needed. It doesn't take much effort to get the girls to give BBBJ, even when they normally give CBJ.

The same people that own Solarium own Monte Carlo. I have heard a few complaints about the management here in regards to disputes. Generally they will back the girl in such a situation.

I have told the manager exactly what I think of him and refuse to acknowledge his presence when I go there. Maybe pedantic on my part but I am a paying customer and expect to be treated like I treat the girls IE with respect. They have also lost a lot of their top girls to Centaurus, again because many people do not like the current managers.

Bwana Dik’s Rio Guide

Monte Carlo is very convenient, just a block from the beach and Avenida Atlântica. It’s also just a few blocks from L´Uomo, making it convenient to run from one to the other. The routine and set-up at Monte Carlo is nearly identical to L´Uomo. You enter and change clothes on the ground floor, take the elevator or stairs to the showers/spa on the second (facilities are nicer than L´Uomo's) and take the elevator to the club on the 3rd floor, where the girls are to be found.

Monte Carlo is the one termas I’ve been to where I find it essential to discuss your expectations with girls in advance. Specifically, I and others have had more sessions in which girls have insisted on using condoms for blowjobs (CBJ) at Monte Carlo, leading some of us to speculate that “MC” stands not for Monte Carlo but for “Mostly Covered.”

In the past I had not found the girls at Monte Carlo to be as attractive on average as those at L´Uomo, but that was not the case during my last two visits, and it only takes one (unless you want a dupla, which is available at all the termas). MC always has a few stars around who will make a visit worthwhile.