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Termas Centaurus
R. Caning, 44 - Ipanema
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Brazil, 20975-010
(21) 2267-5941
Hours: Mon-Fri 16:00-02:00
Sat 16:00-24:00
Number of Girls: 70+
Entrance Fee: R$90 USD
40 Minutes: R$150 USD
1 Hour: R$300 USD
Room Fee*: R$80 USD
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  • Basic Room = R$80 (40 mins)
  • Suite = R$100 (1 hour)
  • The day after a holiday will incur the girl a fine of R$500 for a no show, Saturday it is R$300, R$100 for other days.
  • They only have 3 or 4 different keys for 100 lockers. That is not a very secure place to leave your stuff.


The Bubba Report on Brazil

They ask you to pay for R$310 upfront, a tacky practise that many mongers do not like. You can get around this by just saying you prefer to pay for the entrance of R$90 on the way in and they will allow this. It is the best option because you will not get a refund if you leave without taking a girl. They speak English quite well so you will have no problem relaying to them that you only want to pay the entrance upfront. Of course when you do grab a girl you will have to go back down to the boite and pay for the girls fee before nailing her unless you are known to them, then they will let you pay everything on the way out. Also be careful to ditch the "welcoming girl", girls that latch onto you suckerfishlike when you enter the locker on the premise of helping you change, these girls are always the least popular and should be ditched quickly. The best girls are so busy they are always in the boite, which is upstairs.

This place polarises people. Some guys swear by it because of the quality of the girls looks, and they generally do have the most attractive girls. Other guys refuse to go there complaining that the management has a poor attitude, which is generally conceded that they do. The girls tend to be a lot more pushy about upgrades for suites, getting you to do 2 girls at the same time etc here, and this places absolutely kills you on the upgraded price - think R$220 for 40 minutes vs R$400 for the 60 minute suite option (nearly double the price for an extra 20 minutes is taking the piss). Don't be afraid to say no, they are so pushy (instructed by management) that you may have to say it twice or three or four times, in many respects they are like pesky beach vendors. I use this to my advantage by basically holding auditions, any sign she is not passionate enough (a very common complaint here) and I ditch her, another will quite eagerly dive into her place, they are quite shameless here. I ask them a lot of questions before going to a cabine, any CBJ shit will get her ditched pretty damn quick. Remember: when you are in Rio you are the *king* and the king never hurries for anybody.

The bar staff have an annoying habit of asking for a tip. They get a napkin and ask the amount you want to tip them and put your key number next to the amount. First time they got me, now I just wave my finger to signify I do not approve and walk away. No other Terma allows their bar staff to do this. I refuse to tip any establishment that has bad management, Barabarrella is another place I refuse to tip anyone due to their attitude.

Forty (40) minutes in a cabine is not always such: Most girls, unless they know you, will allow one shot and then it is out of the cabine regardless of how much time you have actually spent in the room, may only be 20 minutes or so. This is the only terma that allows their girls to do this, well at least on a regular basis anyway. If the girl really knows you she may spend more time, I had one cutie there that used to not let me leave the cabine for an hour, I ended up dating her for a while, in the end it cost me more than any working girl, but that is the irony with “dating”, it is almost always more expensive than taking a 40 minute ride.

Bwana Dik’s Rio Guide

Centaurus is considered by many to be the star of the termas. I have mixed feelings about the place, and rarely go there. They often have more women, and more gorgeous women, than the other termas I've been to. When Centaurus is crowded, the place really jumps. Thursday nights, for some reason, are particularly zoo-like. One the other hand, the place is poorly managed and the facilities (showers, etc.) are less well maintained than should be the case. It's also been hard to figure out the prices at Centaurus. I've had them try to charge me different amounts for the same services on different nights. When you enter Centaurus, you are generally required to leave a deposit (usually around R$290); this is the only termas that has such a requirement (that I've been to, at least), and it seems tacky. Tourists are charged more than locals, a practice I find offensive. If you’re a regular here these practices (advance payment and “tourist surcharge”) are dropped, and you can often talk your way out of them. It simply bothers me that they have these policies in the first place.

After you pay they may assign a girl to you to help you change into your robe, and of course she immediately wants to hook up with you. This is something I don't care for, and I always ditch the girls by telling them I'm heading to the sauna. After a shower on the ground floor you head upstairs to the bar area. There is a small room with a TV and massage tables that is often crowded with guys and girls getting friendly while watching soccer (what else!). This “relax” room is the staging area used by couples when the rooms are all full and they must wait for one to open up. The bar area is fairly large and has seating at the bar and bench seating elsewhere where it is easier to get to know the girls. There is a small stage where they have live music on some nights and where the girls do striptease routines every evening.

The great thing about Centaurus is the girls. The girls at Centaurus are on average very attractive and good at what they do. I detected more pressure to go with the more expensive "suite" option, but I suspect this is partly due to the fact that there are a limited number of cabinas, and there is often a backlog to the point that you have to cool your heels for a half-hour or so waiting for a free one. Centaurus is clearly the most expensive of the termas I’ve visited. The R$290 deposit will cover 40 minutes in a standard cabine (R$200 for the room and girl, R$70 for the entry, and a R$20 “tourist tax”). If you decide to do something out of the ordinary, like take two girls with you to a suite, they may require that you go back downstairs and pay in advance, something I’ve never experienced in any of the other termas.

As you can tell, I have qualms about the place, but you’ll find few who would disagree with the claim that you’ll often (though not always) find more stunners here than anywhere else. Many of the girls at Centaurus are college students (many from one of the local Catholic colleges, and they all seem to be law students or psychology majors) and are better conversationalists than girls at the other termas. I have heard from guys who have had unsatisfactory experiences at Centaurus, though. Unfortunately, their policies have pissed me off to the point that I prefer other options and rarely visit Centaurus any longer.