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Termas Cancun
R. do Carmo, 64 - Centro
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Brazil, 20011-020
(21) 2232-6381
Hours: Mon-Fri 15:00-24:00
Number of Girls: up to 50
Entrance Fee: R$30 USD
Minutes: Unknown
1 Hour: R$180 USD
Room Fee*: R$50 USD
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<googlemap lat="-22.902819" lon="-43.176505" type="map" zoom="15" overview="yes" controls="large">(T) -22.902819, -43.176505, Termas Cancun</googlemap>



The Bubba Report on Brazil

This is a brand new Terma. Apparently a former partner of 4x4 decided he would go and open his own Terma and hence Cancun was born. Now the facilities at this place are top notch, easily better than any other terma in Centro or Zona Sul. Having said that, the talent of late has been hit and miss. Sometimes there are some nice girls, at other times the talent lacks a little. The normal signs of a new terma. If you do check it out make sure you do so Tues – Thur after 7pm, there you will see the terma in full swing, if you go earlier you may be one of the only people there.

If you don’t want to put on a robe, you can visit the Whiskeria (Whiskey club – normal boite) at the base of the club. Entrance is R$20 or R$30, and the girls go back and forth between the boite and the Whisky club. 4x4 put in its Whiskeria in reponse to Cancun's.

Bwana Dik’s Rio Guide

Cancun opened in November, and is a spinoff of 4x4. This new place, with a “whiskeria” next door, is a great addition to the downtown options. All facilities are brand new, and the owners have invested a fair amount in the facilities. The rooms are among the nicest in Rio, and the shower and sauna facilities are a definite step up from their sibling. The suites are especially nice, with some having both small saunas and Jacuzzis.

Cancun recruited about 50 garotas from other downtown termas, so they are off to a quick start, and I expect the numbers will grow as the client base increases. The talent level is just below that of 4x4 and 65, but that’s likely to change, especially given the prices at Cancun.

Cancun is located on a side street between Rua Buenos Aires and Rua do Rosario; in other words, just a block or two from both 4x4 and 65! That means there are 4 “first division” termas within a four-block radius in Centro, giving Centro the highest major termas density in Rio de Janeiro.

Prices are similar to 4x4. Entrance is R$30 and the costs of programs range from R$150 for 40 minutes in a basic (but quite nice) cabine to R$350 for 90 minutes in a super-lux suite, with 60 minute sessions running between R$170 and R$220, depending on the features of the suite.

Cancun, like any new establishment, has some bugs that need to be addressed. The AC is working too well in many of the rooms, and guys report near frostbite conditions in some cases. A more serious problem is that management seems to watch the clock too closely and the calls have been coming to the rooms (signaling the end of the session) a few minutes too early. Hopefully management is getting the message that this is clearly a counterproductive policy.