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Termas Aeroporto
Av. Beira Mar, 216 - Centro
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Brazil, 20021-060
(21) 2220-6267
Hours: Mon-Fri 14:00-24:00
Number of Girls: about 30
Entrance Fee: R$60 USD
40 Minutes: R$100 USD
1 Hour: R$130 USD
Room Fee*: R$60 USD
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  • Basic Room = R$60 (40 mins)
  • Suite = R$90 (1 hour)


The Bubba Report on Brazil

I finally visited this place in early 2005. I had tried a few times before but it was closed for renovations. Quality of the rooms is great with small wash basins. The boite is tiny, the size of a lounge room, maybe only 30 girls and by far the smallest of all major termas. If you are over 6 foot tall, as I am, you have to watch you head in the boite.

If they don't know you they will ask you to pay R$50 for your entrance on the way in. The rest is paid on the way out. Located about 1500 yards away from Termas Rio Antigo and named after the local airport which is less than an 8 minute walk away and one hell of a hairy landing. Hence, could be a good spot to "grab something to eat" on a layover.

Like Centaurus, they assign a girl to you when you enter the locker room. The girl will help you with your clothes etc, but is primarily there to attach herself to you. Assigned girls are never good, the best girls are up in the boite, which is upstairs, hence I try to politely ditch her and hang my own clothes up.

This place has the distinction of the weirdest suite location. One time the love of my life (or at least she was for the next 60 minutes) led me inside the mens locker room, which I thought was strange. She opened a further door inside the locker room which in turn opened up to a nice suite. In Brasil nothing surprises me anymore.

I find this area really dodgy when coming home at night. Even though it is only a mile from Termas Rio Antigo, there are many little parks where the homeless hang. Best to get a cab from the door and not walk to the metro on your way back. During daylight hours I find it safe with heaps of people around.

Of all the major termas I would probably visit this place last, primarily because it is so small and the choice of girls limited. One could not swing a cat in there without beating the poor thing to death on very wall.

Stopover from the domestic airport? You can actually walk there from the domestic airport, if you know the way of course.

Directions: You leave the terminal and walk more less straight ahead (a bit to the right) which will lead you to the pedestrian overpass. Termas Aeroporto is on the main road that you will walk over. When on top of the overpass, look to your left, you will see a row of buildings that contains Termas Aeroporto. When you reach the other side, take a very hard left, and walk through a building, most pedestrians will be going this way. When through the building, continue straight ahead and cross the road (do not turn right when you leave the building, as most people will be). The road is usually busy and you need to wait for the cars to stop at the lights. Once across the street and hopefully unscathed, you will see Aeroport not far ahead, about 300 yards. I have used this stopover a few times and it takes exactly 8 minutes from when you leave the terminal until you reach the inside of the terma. Be careful not to miss your flight! And be careful walking back to the airport at night. It is a dangerous area 9pm+.

Bwana Report

Termas Aeroporto was once a highly-regarded termas but has fallen on hard times, and has been weak for several years running. I have never found the choices attractive here. I was surprised that Termas Aeroporto is as small as it is—just a bit larger than L´Uomo or Solarium and was not particularly impressed by the quality of the girls (although I once had great fun with a set of twins!). Recent reviews have not been very positive.

Termas history buffs may be interested in knowing the Aeroporto was the first termas opened in Rio de Janeiro, in September of 1977. Like Centaurus, many of the garotas here seem to be college students, and I ran into several girls who spoke English quite well. Also like Centaurus, when you enter a girl is assigned to you to help you change into your robe and such. It is quite easy to get away from the girl, assuming you haven’t fallen instantly in lust, by heading to the saunas and showers, which are very clean. An upstairs bar is where most of the mixing takes place, but there is also a "relax" room on the first floor where many of the girls hang out. Prices are Centaurus-like: R$50 reais to enter and R$240 reais for an hour in a suite. Unlike Centaurus, you pay when you leave, although you may be asked to pay the entrance fee upon arrival. Aeroporto is just a few (5-6) blocks from the Cinelandia metro stop and just a door or two from the Othon Aeroporto hotel.