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Termas 65
R. do Rosário, 65 - Centro
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Brazil, 20041-003
(21) 2203-1338
Hours: Mon-Fri 14:00-24:00
Number of Girls: up to 40
Entrance Fee: R$55 USD
40 Minutes: R$135 USD
1 Hour: R$180 USD
Room Fee*: R$70 USD
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<googlemap lat="-22.90227" lon="-43.176836" type="map" zoom="15" overview="yes" controls="large">(T) -22.90227, -43.176836, Termas 65</googlemap>


  • For numbers, particularly phone numbers or places, seis (6) is usually not used in the spoken sense. Rather "meio", as in Half a dozen, is more common. Hence it is generally referred to as meio cinco (65).
  • Has a Frequent Customer program.


The Bubba Report on Brazil

One block from 4x4, this place is slightly more expensive than most in centro. Quality at my last visit was quite good. The boite is very small though. Girls tend to be a bit more classy (although not much!) than the Gangstas at 4x4.

Bwana Dik’s Rio Guide

Termas 65 has some fans, and I count myself among them. This is another termas located in the Centro business district, just a short walk from 4x4, and it primarily attracts a local business clientele. Prices are high for downtown termas: entrance is R$60 (no reduction for having a session like L´Uomo) and session fees start at R$190 for a 40-minute session is a cabine. The folks working at the front desk are helpful and will explain the prices and options in English.

Termas 65, like 4x4, is located on several floors. Just follow the noise to the boite upstairs where you’ll find about 30-40 girls crammed into a fairly small space. During my last visit I was very impressed with the quality of the options here, and there were enough stunners to make a visit definitely worthwhile. There are other rooms where you can get something to eat and have a quieter conversation, but the action takes place in the main boite. Termas 65 has a “Frequent Fucker” program: entrance is free on your third visit within a month, but you must register for the program at the termas. Sadly, you don’t get a “Termas 65 Frequent Fucker” card to carry in your wallet.