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Termas 502
R. da Alfândega, 65 - Centro
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Brazil, 20070-003
Hours: Mon-Fri 14:00-24:00
Number of Girls: up to 40
Entrance Fee: R$15 USD
30 Minutes: R$77 USD
1 Hour: R$112 USD
Room Fee*: Unknown
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  • Anal +R$20
  • Entrance includes 2 local drinks (National), is waived if you do a girl.


The Bubba Report on Brazil

This place is a bit different. You do not change into a robe. Upon entry the receptionist gives you a plastic card where your drinks are recorded by a swipe, they don't speak English here, just nod your head and grab the card. Entrance is R$10 and this includes 2 local drinks (I hear this may now be R$15). I used to go to this place only to grab a water, relax, look around pay my R$10 and then head over to 4x4 or 65 which are within a block or two. Now I know a couple of girls there and there are a few real cuties, there is one 9.9 that I see occasionally. The price for 40 minutes is R$102. That is not a misprint and they even wave your R$10 entrance. May well be the best deal in town. An hour was around R$112 from memory. My R$102 room had a shower and was as good as any of the other Termas like L´Uomo. All the prices are marked on the wall to the left of the reception.

Why do some girls work here when they could work at the bigger and more expensive places? Because the expensive places will sack girls very quickly if they don't turn up to shifts or are late. My 9.9 used to work at Monte Carlo but didn't like the strict hours and no off days policy, hence she takes less money at 502 but is happier. This place is more flexible with the girls hours hence the girls like the relaxed pace.

One point, check your bill closely on the way out, they tried to pad me a few drinks last time, I would like to think it was a mistake but in Brasil one should always get into the habit of checking the bill thoroughly.

Bwana Dik’s Rio Guide

Termas 502 is located just a block from 4x4, at the corner of Av. Rio Branco and Rua da Alfandega. Entry is R$10 and covers 2 beers. Twenty, 30, 40, and 60 minute sessions, in either a cabine or a suite, are available at low prices. At the time of my most recent visit (July 2005) a 20 minute program cost R$77 40 minutes cost R$102, and an hour cost R$112. The 20 minute session is known as the “MitchC Special.” I have only visited the suites, and they are, as one would expect, not as nice as the suites in the more upscale places, but perfectly clean and comfortable. I found three real cuties in this termas.