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Termas 4x4
R. Buenos Aires, 44 - Centro
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Brazil, 20051-012
(21) 2283-1009
Hours: Mon-Fri 14:00-24:00
Number of Girls: up to 120
Entrance Fee: R$40 USD
40 Minutes: R$160 USD
1 Hour: R$180 USD
Room Fee*: Unknown
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  • Entrance fee waived before 17:00. R$30 if you have 1 session.


The Bubba Report on Brazil

This Terma is great, it is by far the biggest Terma in Rio de Janeiro, it has 50 cabines (rooms) – L´Uomo and the others by comparison have about 12. The girls can be described best as having a "Gangsta" look with plenty of Ink. It is set up primarily for the locals, hence the predominant shape is big asses, but all shapes and sizes are present, and many touristas do go there. On some trips I sometimes struggle to find a girl I like here because my taste leans more towards a slim clean look - sem (without) tatoos, however with over 100 girls, one can always find something, quality by quantity I have heard it best described. The atmosphere here is great, local Brasilain and US funk plays HARD. I find the best time to get there is around 3.30pm where I relax a bit and then grab a girl by 5pm, before the R$40 fee, but primarily before the crowds get really thick. Having said this you will want to experience the Terma in full swing, after 8pm, when it is so crowed you can't move, akin to a fucking zoo and the music so loud you can't think. If there were to be a fire in there you would surely die, not a chance in hell of getting out. Just remember amongst the 200 odd heaving bodies, half will be wearing a G String and a smile, hence the rewards are there.

If you are a fan of big asses, this place will rock your world. A lot of our American brothers, who tend to like a generous bunda (ass) love this place, they all rate it a not to be missed attraction. 44 also has a small fraternity of "body builder" type chics present, pure Gansta!. An interesting point, many T girls will do “bomba”, IE they take steroids to give them that thick thighed, big assed look that the local guys love. Each to their own I guess. Watch you head when going up the stairs, it is built for people less than 6 feet tall.

I banged this great girl there in Dec 05. She passed the screening process with flying colours. When I asked her if she was good in bed she just looked at me and said "Sim, Eu faço todo, TODO" (Yes, I do everything, EVERYTHING). The last "TODO" was emphasized by her outstretched arm sweeping the horizon….and she did! After, as we were walking back to the metro, meu amigo (My friend-male), The Kman, noticed she was on the cover off a porno being sold by a street vendor. I brought the Porno but they put the wrong DVD in it, hence I did not see "minha amiga" (My friend - female) getting banged, but the girl that appeared in the other DVD, that they mistakenly placed in the cover, I had also banged, can only happen in Rio de Janeiro!! How many countries in the world would this happen? Have a told you lately how much I love Brazil?

They have now opened a Whisky Bar that has 2 entrances, one from the street and one from the main club. You can and remain in your clothes if only using the Whisky Bar. They have also installed a “firemans hole” in the boite where girls can open a door, grab the pole and go down to the Whisky Bar. There is no way you could get away with this in a western country, due to safety regulations, but this is Brasil after all. They also have a shower in the main boite that girls do a show in.

They also have a relax room upstairs which is less crowded and you can order food etc. It is way at the back of the club up a level via a spiral staircase.

An interesting point: The locals guys tend to go to Termas, primarily to drink and maybe grab a cheap feel, the majority won’t take a girl to a cabine at all, they can’t really afford it despite them being young upwardly mobile professionals and probably in the top bracket of wage earners, the salaries in Brazil are really poor compared to western standards. I make this point because even when 4x4 is crowded as hell, and it does get crowded, pushing and shoving is accepted (don't be offended if you get nudged - it is an acceptable part of the culture) there are still plenty of girls available, and generally the girls will know you, being a gringo, are there for sexo. Interestingly a lot of the local clients at 4x4 are Police, did I mention this place is underworld or what?

A further point: There is a lovely old black lady that works as a locker attendant in the first changing room after the reception area. She has been there every since I have been going there. I always give her R$5, she speaks no English, throw her a R$1 or R$2.

Bwana Dik’s Rio Guide

Quatro por Quatro has emerged as my favorite termas. 4x4 is an excellent termas, with loads of friendly women. It is the largest termas I’ve been to, and there always seem to be 60-100 or more women around. The management seems helpful and upfront about costs and such, which are posted in several locations. There are plenty of women available and they are of comparable quality to other termas. The place is so big that one can get lost in it.

You enter through a narrow hallway and go up a flight of stairs to the desk, where they give you a locker key. The lockers are to your right, down a half flight of stairs. After changing you can go to the showers and sauna (go back to the stairs you entered up, and go up one more level). The shower and sauna facilities are not the best, but I’m not there for the “health club” amenities. After that you can hit the bars. There are two bar areas, one on the second floor (directly across from the desk) where most of the action is (including regular strip and “shower” shows) and another large one on the third floor (the VIP lounge), which is much quieter and a good place for conversation, cuddling, and getting something to eat. The bar areas were very recently redecorated, and the owners added a cyber cafe in a room adjoining the upstairs bar.

Prices are quite reasonable: entrance is R$30 reais and an hour in a suite is only R$170 reais(!), and the management gives you a clear up-front indication of how much the different services cost. 4X4 offers an “early bird” special: if you take a girl to a room to do the deed before 5:00, your entry fee is waived. The basic cabine is smaller at 4x4 than at some other places, but large enough not to feel cramped. Larger and fancier suites (including some with Jacuzzis, KS beds, ceiling mirrors, and dance floors) are available at higher prices, beginning at R$220 for an hour in a “super suite.”

The only downside is location: 4x4 is in Centro and thus a bit of a haul for those staying in the Zona Sul neighborhoods of Copacabana or Ipanema (my preferred location), although it is easily accessed via Metro (just a few blocks from the Uruguaiana station). It is, nevertheless, absolutely worth a visit. I’ve imbibed in numerous threesomes and three foursomes at Quatro X Quatro and have always had a great time. Quatro X Quatro does have a website. This termas is located in the center of Rio’s business district and caters to businessmen. As a consequence of its location, it is open only Monday-Friday, from 2 until midnight. One interesting aspect: I’ve noticed an inordinate number of blondes at 4X4, and one of the girls there told me they “specialize” in blondes, so if that’s a fetish of yours, this may be your termas!