Termas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Phoenix

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R. Min. Alfredo Valadão, 36 - Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Brazil, 22031-050
Hours: Mon-Fri 17:00-01:00
Sat 17:00-24:00
Number of Girls: up to 15
Entrance Fee: R$30 USD
40 Minutes: R$160 USD
1 Hour: Unknown
Room Fee*: Unknown
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<googlemap lat="-22.965766" lon="-43.188876" type="map" zoom="15" overview="yes" controls="large">(T) -22.965766, -43.188876, Phoenix Termas</googlemap>



The Bubba Report on Brazil

New terma, formerly a gay sauna, of which there is quite a few in the same area. It opened in early 2006 under the name of Boronia, was then closed down, possibly for not paying enough protection money and then reopened July 2006 under the name of Phoenix.

I finally checked this place out in Oct, 2006. Entrance was R$30. They also had another special where you got 2 free beers after purchasing your first drink. Girls were R$140 for 40 mins (maybe 50 mins?). That was the good news, the bad news is that the talent sucked badly. They only had about 6 woman on at about 7pm. One of them was about a 7.5, the others collectively would not have been a 7, they were horrid beasts. They were also really hard to get rid of, my wingman took the 7.5 and left me to fend off the scary woman. Having said this, it may get better, it may be worth checking out again after it has more time to establish itself. Worst case you can always go to L´Uomo afterwards. Definitely a second tier terma.

Bwana Dik’s Rio Guide

Phoenix opened in November of 2005, and is located on a side street just a block above L´Uomo. Formerly a gay termas, Phoenix is being run by former L´Uomo staff, who are trying to give L´Uomo a little competition, something very welcome given recent price increases at many of the termas, including L´Uomo. Phoenix is smaller than L´Uomo, with about 10 cabines and suites upstairs. A small locker room (the gay guys must have liked close quarters) opens into the boite, which is reasonably nice. The dj cranking out the music here came over from L´Uomo. The sauna facilities are modest; three showers (w/ hot water) and a small steam room. Cabines and suites feature nice mattresses and are reasonably comfortable.

The talent at Phoenix is, well, developing. I stopped by one afternoon and saw about 15-20 garotas on duty, about 1/3 of whom I considered doable. I expect the talent will pick up as business builds.