Sosua Chica Observations

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1. So your on your first trip or maybe the 2nd or 3rd and you see this chica that's absolutely gorgeous. She might be aggressive or even very docile and not appear to be fighting for her next client. Maybe the last night or two she was with somebody else and you now see she's available.

  • You wonder to yourself why is this gorgeous creature all alone?
  • Well if you see the guy she was with another night is with someone else this should probably set off a red flag in your head!
  • Yes you are here to fuck beautiful women so you want to go grab her for yourself.
  • Take some time to observe how she acts before jumping on the opportunity and finding yourself regretting it later.

2. Whenever meeting a new chica its always best to get to know her and talk to her for a while first. If you see a guy she was with the other day it might not be a bad idea to catch him on the side and ask how she was.

  • Before rushing into a TLN maybe try a ST with her and renegotiate later if she is treating you well.
  • Of course YMMV always applies for a lot of chicas but you'll notice after several trips there are some chicas that are almost always with a guy long term.
  • These are the ones who keep their clients happy and make the guys want to keep them longer.

3. Some chicas every trip that never seem to be with anyone and are quite beautiful.

  • Why? Maybe their attitude sucks or the experience everyone has had with them was bad.

4. Some chicas want to negotiate before going anyplace with you. Others don't negotiate at all and later can ask for crazy payments but you have to be smart and make sure you don't allow them to take advantage because you didn't have any agreement beforehand.

  • Remember this can be just as much of a mistake on their part.
  • She doesn't know what she will get later either.
  • Just be smart and make your final payment on neutral ground outside of your hotel if possible so if there is a problem you can just walk away.

5. The chicas will need a small sum of money to start their night also just like us. This might include transportation money, money for something to eat, or for a drink or two if they cant find someone to buy them one.

  • If they haven't found a guy for a few days money could be scarce.
  • Some chicas will start out earlier in the day and wander the beach or the streets.

6. Chicas and the importance of customer satisfaction. Most agreed how important it was. Some others didn't seem to care or were just too angry they couldn't find a guy who wanted to be with them.

  • The perfect example was the girls I met in Yubi's bar. Here you had 2 beautiful women. They were sitting alone with no drinks. I spoke to them for about 30-45 minutes and all I felt was a bad attitude. I made small talk with them for a while and they specifically stated they weren't for sale. I asked why they were there and they said they were there to speak to the owner who was their friend. I asked them if they had boyfriends and both said no. I said how can 2 such beautiful women not have boyfriends. I didn't get a straight answer. The hotter of the 2 suddenly got up in the middle of conversation to go talk to Yubi about something. I got up to pay the bill and she attempted to return but I paid the bill anyhow and walked next door. For the next hr she sat in a chair in the front looking quite angry staring at me in the bar next door (Lou's).
  • Later that night and for the next 2 nights I saw her wandering around the discos looking angry. I saw possibly 1 or 2 guys walk up to her but never saw her leave with anyone.

7. If you go to Sosua a few times you will notice A LOT of the same girls. Sure there's plenty of new ones constantly but you'll also see a lot of the same ones you've seen before.

I hope this helps some people when trying to select a chica. I know we all want to jump at the chance to bang a beautiful chica sometimes, but you also have to take a little time to see if she is going to be worth the trouble and if you'll even want to remember the experience.