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Kenya ethnic map. (click map to enlarge)

Kisii (also known as Gusii or Kosova) is a Bantu tribe which inhabits Kisii District in Nyanza, western Kenya.

Kisii town is located in the Nyanza Provine in Western Kenya. It is home to the Gusii people of Kenya who are a Bantu tribe. According to the 1979 census, Kisii District had a population of 588,000.

Origin Of Kisii

The Kisii People along with other Bantu speaking are believed to have originated from Zaire (presently know and Congo Kinshasa). The migration is believed to have been overpopulation, food decline and exhausted soil for farming. As these Bantu People migrated from Zaire, they split up into different groups with the Kisii ending up in Nyanza Province near Lake Victoria.

On the other hand, the Kikuyu, Kamba and other Bantu tribes in Kenya continued the hunt for richer soil for irrigation and moved on toward the west of Kenya. They later settled in the now called Central and Rift Valley Provinces of Kenya.


They speak the language of Kisii or as commonly known as ekegusii among the native speakers. This language and other Bantu languages are very similar. Most of their phrases are similar or had been derived or acquired in the same manner. The only difference between these languages is that some words have been altered or differently pronounced and given new meanings.

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