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Term Definition
Abstinence To refrain from having sex.
Adultery Sex between a married person and a person other than their spouse.
Agape A Greek word meaning altruistic love.
Agate A small penis.
Alveoli Glands that produce milk in the female breast.
Ambisexual A more contemporary term for bisexual.
Anal Sex involving the anus.
Analingus Kissing, licking and penetration of the anus by the tongue.
Anal Intercourse Sex involving the anus.
Androgynous A person not clearly masculine or feminine.
Anorgasmia A sexual dysfunction in which an individual is unable to have orgasms. More prevalent in women.
Anus Medical/Scientific term for the asshole. (the body part)
Aphrodisiac Substance that is given or taken to increase sexual desire.
Areola The ring of darkened skin around the nipple of the breast.
Arse British for ass, e.g. Piece of arse, up your arse, arse wipe, tom's an arse, arsing about, arse-over-tit (a bad fall), or tight as a duck's arse.
Asexual Absence of sexual feeling.
Autoerotic Asphyxia A form of sexual behavior in which the individual masturbates while depriving him or herself of oxygen through hanging, strangulation, or other means. This activity is incredibly dangerous and causes many inadvertent deaths each year.
Autoeroticism Sexual behavior that is done by oneself such as masturbation.
Autofellatio To suck one's own penis. Makes dating an option rather than a necessity. Requires an extremely long schlong or incredibly nimble spinal column or both.
Autopederasty When a guy can stick his own partially-erect penis into his own anus, requiring a long penis, a long anus or both.
Auto-Sadism An act whereby one inflicts pain on oneself.
Axillary Intercourse A sexual variation in which a man thrusts his penis in the armpit of his partner.


Term Definition
Banger British for sausage or penis, with a banger hanger being a vagina.
Bar Fine A charge you pay to the owner of the club/bar/brothel to take a girl out for the night.
Bareback To have sex without a condom.
Bare-Assed Another term for being nude/naked.
Bartholin's Glands Two tiny ducts located on either side of the vaginal entrance. They secrete a small amount of fluid during sexual arousal, but their exact purpose is unclear.
B&D/S&M Umbrella term for people who are into power play, bondage, discipline, spanking, certain types of fetish play, whatever. Now encompasses the older acronyms of B&D (bondage and discipline) and S&M (sadism and masochism), plus a little D&S (dominance and submission) for good measure. While BDSM is sexual, genital orgasm and stimulation is not its focus.
Bestiality When your sexual partner has four legs and a tail, aka farm sex, K-9 and animal training. The Spanish called it the Italian vice. Also known as zoophilia.
Bicurious Someone who is interested in exploring sex with a member of their own gender, but hasn't gotten around to it yet or it isn't a raging priority.
Bi-Sexual One who enjoys both sexes.
Bisexuality A sexual orientation in which one feels physically and/or emotionally attracted to both males and females.
Blowjob Slang term for Oral sex on a male penis.
Boff Slang term to have intercourse.
Boink Slang term to have intercourse.
Bondage And Discipline (B&D) A sexual activity in which a person is bound while another engages in discipline activities, such as spanking and whipping.
Bottom 1. A top is someone who prefers doing and a bottom is someone who prefers having it done to them. 2. In BDSM, the top is the master, mistress or dominatrix, the bottom is the servant, submissive or slave. 3. In anal sex, the bottom is the one who is catching or receiving (split end).
Bugger Slang term to perform anal intercourse.
Bukkake A japanese term that refers to showering the face of the receiver with the ejaculate of many men.
Butt Plug A diamond-shaped object that goes in the ass end to give a feeling of fullness.


Term Definition
Camel Toe Crotch cleavage, when a woman's clothes (pants, shorts, bikini bottom, etc.) dig into her crotch and you can see her labia bulging along the sides of the crease. Can also apply to a male's genitals as well.
Carginity What you lose when you have sex in a car for the first time.
Castration The removal of the testes or ovaries. In popular use, also refers to the amputation of the penis.
Celibate Someone who does not engage in sexual activity.
Cervical Cap 1. Birth control device or little rubber beanie that sits on top of the cervix to discourage male ejaculate from entering. 2. Differs from a diaphragm in several ways: it's smaller, stays in longer, is usually not filled with birth control jelly, and is not as effective for most people.
Cervix The cervix is the bottom part of the uterus found in the back of the vagina. It can be as small as a cherry in a woman who has not delivered a baby through her vagina, or it can be much bigger.
Chakras An eastern concept (India) concerning the fuse box of the body, seven points said to regulate energy.
Chaste To engage in the most ordinary sexual activities.
Chastity Sexual abstinence.
Chlamydia An infection caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. Despite being one of the most common STDs in women, it is often asymptomatic.
Circumcision Surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis.
Climax To achieve the high point of sexual activity often refers to ejaculation by the male.
Clitoridectomy The surgical removal of the clitoris and all or part of the labia. Also known as female circumcision.
Clitoris 1. Latin for darned thing was here just a second ago. 2. The only organ in either the male or the female body whose sole purpose is pleasure-which from a biological perspective might indicate that the female genitals are more highly evolved than the male's. 3. Sometimes regarded as the Emerald City of women's orgasmic response. 4. Not to be approached in haste. 5. Sometimes wants to be caressed with vigor, other times can hardly tolerate being breathed upon. 6. While the clitoris is a fine organ to lavish huge amounts of attention upon, qualities such as tenderness, playfulness and respect also contribute largely to orgasmic response. 7. UK slang for an aroused clitoris includes the term budgie's tongue.
Cohabitation Living together, usually referring to an unmarried couple.
Coitus Scientific term for sexual intercourse.
Coitus In Ano Anal intercourse.
Coitus Interruptus Withdrawal of the penis prior to ejaculation.
Cojones Spanish for testicles (it's not cajones which means big boxes).
Colostrum A thin, yellow fluid containing nutrients and antibodies that is secreted by the breasts after a woman gives birth for 2 or 3 days prior to actual milk production.
Commando When a person isn't wearing any underwear. Going Commando
Continence To refrain from sexual activity
Contraceptive Any method, drug, or device that helps prevent conception.
Coprophilia A sexual variation in which arousal is associated with activities involving feces.
Copulation Penile-Vaginal intercourse.
Cornhole Slang Term that means the anus]] or anal sex
Corona The sensitive rim of tissue between the glans and the shaft of the penis.
Corpora Cavernosa The hollow chambers in the shaft of the penis or clitoris that fill with blood during sexual arousal, causing erection.
Cowper's Glands A pair of structures below the prostrate gland that secrete a clear alkaline fluid into the urethra prior to ejaculation. Also known as bulbourethral glands.
Crack a Fat Australian term for have an erection.
Creampie A woman's vagina with male ejaculate dripping out of it, aka a wet deck.
Crumpet British term for sexual activity.
Crura The internal branches of the clitoral or penile shaft.
Cryptorchidism A medical condition in which one or both testes have not descended properly.
Cum Slang term for semen.
Cunnilingus 1. Cunnus is Latin for vulva (the part of a woman's genitals that is on the outside) and lingere means to lick, put them together and see what you get. 2. Oral stimulation of the female genitals for sexual purposes.
Cupid's Hotel Slang term for a vagina.


Term Definition
Dartos A smooth muscle in the scrotum that causes the surface to wrinkle when it contracts.
Defloration An old term referring to the loss of virginity from the rupture of a virgin's hymen, through intercourse or other means.
Depilatory Cream for removing body hair.
Derriere The buttocks.
Detumescence The return of an erect penis to its flaccid state.
Diaphragm 1. Cross between a condom and a frisbee, having the flexibility of the condom and the aerodynamics of the frisbee. 2. Contraceptive barrier device that holds contraceptive jelly against the cervix.
Dicknotized When a girl has a serious crush on a guy, and her life becomes defined by wanting to hold him, touch him, talk to him and be with him.
Dildo 1. Person who is being a jerk or a moron. 2. A device used for sexual stimulation by insertion into the vagina or [[Sexual Definitions#A|anus]] that is usually in the overall shape of a phallus.
Dildo Harness Jockstrap-like device that a dildo attaches to.
Docking When an uncircumcised male pulls his foreskin over a woman's nipples.
Dog's Bollocks An expression in the UK which means the best! such as Marty's new car is the dog's bullocks! aka 'the mutt's nuts.
Domination And Submission (D&S) Sexual arousal derived from the acting out of sexual fantasies in which one person dominates while the other submits.
Dominatrix In bondage and discipline, a woman who specializes in disciplining a submissive partner.
Dupla A Portuguese word used in Brazil to mean a threesome, you and 2 girls!
Dyspareunia Painful intercourse.


Term Definition
Eating (Dining) at the Y Slang term for cunnilingus. see also DATY
Edgeplay In the world of BDSM, there's your mainstream whips, chains and collar stuff, and then there's the edge, which refers to the edge of what is safe and what isn't. People into edgeplay are willing to take the extra risk of permanent harm or death for the extra thrill they receive. Most people who enjoy BDSM]] are able to get their kicks without having to push the edge.
Ephebophilia Sexual love of an adolescent (13-17) by an adult. see also Pedophilia
Effeminate Descriptive of a male who acts in a feminine manner.
Ejaculate To have an orgasm with expulsion of seminal fluid from the penis. Also used as an alternative term for the fluid itself (semen).
Ejaculation The expulsion of seminal fluid from the penis, usually during orgasm.
Ejaculatory Duct One of the two passageways that carries semen from the prostrate gland to the urethra.
Ejaculatory Inevitability In males, the point in the sexual response cycle at which a man no longer has control over whether he will ejaculate or not. Once this point is past, a man will ejaculate in a matter of seconds, even if all stimulation is ceased.
Enema The act of filling the bowels of person with water or another fluid, not always done for sexual pleasure. see water sports.
English Culture To get off sexually from spanking or caning.
Erectile Dysfunction A sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to have or maintain an erection despite adequate stimulation and interest. Often referred to commonly as impotence.
Erection A hard penis ready for intercourse.
Erogenous Zone Any area of the body that is especially sensitive to sexual stimulation and touching.
Eros The Greeks' term for passionate or erotic love.
Erotic Aid A device, such as a vibrator or dildo, designed to enhance sexual responsiveness.
Erotica Sexually oriented material that is not considered pornographic to the viewer.
Eroticism State of tension fueled by sexual desire, can be temporarily resolved through sexual contact that quenches at least some of this desire.
Erotophilia A positive emotional response to sexuality.
Erotophobia A negative emotional response to sexuality, especially guilt, fear and shame.
Eunuch A male without balls, literally, sometimes without a penis as well.
Exhibitionism A paraphilia characterized by getting sexual gratification from exposing the genitals to an (often unwilling) observer.
Exhibitionist A person who derives sexual gratification by displaying his or her body to others
Expulsion The second stage of ejaculation, characterized by contractions of the urethra, prostrate, and muscles at the base of the penis, causing semen to spurt from the penis.
Extramarital Sex Sexual activity by a married person with someone other than her or his spouse.


Term Definition
Face Sitting When a woman straddles the face of the person who is giving her oral sex, see queening.
Fanny Magnet British for something that attracts swarms of women, You should see his brother's car, a right fanny magnet!
Farang Thai term for a foreigner.
Fauxmosexual Man who appears gay by his mannerisms, but who sleeps with women, see metrosexual.
Faygeleh Yiddish term for gay male.
Felching When a guy sucks or licks his own ejaculate out of whichever of his partner's orifices he shot it into, can be out of an anus with a straw.
Fellatio 1. Oral stimulation of the male genitals. 2. From the Latin fellare meaning that which stops after marriage.
Female Circumcision The surgical removal of the clitoris and all or part of the labia. Also known as a clitoridectomy.
Female Condom A soda-can-shaped pouch that is placed inside the vagina to line the vaginal walls for prevention of pregnancy and disease.
Female Ejaculation With extra stimulation in parts of the vagina, some women squirt extra fluid from the urethra as part of having an orgasm.
Femdom 1. Term born from the fusion of female and domination. 2. Where a woman has more control or dominance in a relationship because both partners enjoy it and want it that way.
Femoral Intercourse When a lubricated penis slides back and forth between the labia like a hot dog sliding up and down the length of a hot dog bun.
Fetish 1. A particular prop (leather, rubber, underwear, shoes, etc.), body part (feet, hair, breasts, etc.), or a scenario that a person relies on to get off sexually. 2. The prop can be fantasized or exist in actuality.
Fetishism Obtaining sexual excitement primarily or exclusively from an inanimate object or a particular part of the body.
Fifty-Footer Someone who looks hot from across the room, but starts looking less attractive with each approaching step, see Monet
Figmo Military term meaning fuck it, got my orders, used when someone wants you to do something but you are already doing something else.
Fingering Slang term for stimulation of a woman's genitals with the fingers.
Fist Fucking Slang term for a sexual variation in which an individual inserts his or her entire hand into their partner's vagina or anus.
Five Across The Face To slap.
Flaccid Not erect.
Flagellation Whipping or beating to sexual orgasm
Flagellum The tail of a sperm that helps to propel it.
Flagging At one time there was supposedly an elaborate set of codes in the gay and BDSM communities where potential partners wore flags or hankies in their pockets to denote their particular kink. For instance, a yellow hankie hanging out of the left pocket meant you liked to be on top for golden showers, while the same hankie hanging from the right pocket meant you liked to be peed on (youll never guess what a brown hankie meant). Theoretically, you could have all sorts of hankies hanging from all sorts of pockets, since a lot of people enjoy a variety of kink, both doing and receiving.
Flapper Term used to describe a sexually liberated woman during the 1920s who flaunted her unconventional approach to life.
Flog the Log To masturbate.
Fluffer Person who keeps male porn stars erect when they are not on camera
Foreplay A term used to refer to sexual activities other than intercourse. The term comes from the view that some individuals hold that all activities of a sexual nature are merely designed to lead up to intercourse.
Foreskin Flap of skin that extends from the shaft of the penis over the glans to keep the latter moist and safe, aka lace curtain.
Fornication Intercourse between people who are not married.
Freeballing When a guy isn't wearing any underwear. see Commando.
French Kissing 1. Kissing with mouths open as opposed to closed 2. Usually involves transfer of tongues.
French Tickler Any form of condom that has little bumps, projections or ridges, marketed to increase a woman's sexual pleasure.
Frenulum Extra-sensitive part of the penis just below the head on the side of the shaft that faces away from the abdomen when the penis is erect.
Frig British for male masturbation or jerking off, aka wank or five-against-one.
Full House Having more than one STD at the same time.


Term Definition
Gang Bang When a woman has intercourse with several men in rapid succession, at her invitation, aka pulling a train.
Garota de Programa A Portuguese word used in Brazil to mean a prostitute.
Genital Warts An STD caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) that causes warts to appear on the genitals.
Genitals 1. The reproductive and sexual organs of males and females. 2. Part of yourself that you play with under the blanket, in the UK, the term bits is often used, especially for female genitals. 3. Also sometimes known as genitalia.
Get Your Rocks Off Slang term to ejaculate.
Gigolo A male prostitute or sex worker.
Girl Friendly Hotel A hotel/motel that allows guests (prostitutes) to stay overnight in your room. Some hotels charge a fee.
Glans Head of the penis.
Glans Clitoris The sensitive tip of the clitoris.
Glans Penis The sensitive tip of the penis.
Glory Hole An opening cut into the partition between two commode stalls in a men's restroom through which oral intercourse can be performed
Golden Showers 1. Peeing on or being peed on as a sexual turn-on. 2. The kinky cousin of golden showers is called golden enemas or golden douches where the peeing penis is the nozzle.
Gonad Slang term for the male sex glands, aka nads, wank tanks, testicles or ovaries.
Gonorrhea An STD caused by the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacterium.
G-Spot 1. Place on the roof of the vagina named after the lucky man (Grafenberg) who claims to have discovered it. 2. Area of potential sensation for some women.
G-String A small brief worn over the genitals
Gusher Term for when a man has an orgasm at the same time that his prostrate is being stimulated, some men say it feels spectacular.


Term Definition
Hardcore A term to describe a prostitute that has been working for a long time and knows all the angles. Usually they are "rough around the edges" and mechanical performing sex acts.
Hardcore Pornography Sexually explicit material that graphically depicts the genitals and sexual acts.
Hepatitis A viral disease affecting the liver, two types of virus may be sexually transmitted: hepatitis A and hepatitis B.
Hepatitis B A virus that effects the liver that can be transmitted by oral sex, or anal sex.
Herpes Simplex Type II A STD infection characterized by outbreaks of painful sores on the genitals. Infection occurs through physical contact with a person infected with the herpes simplex virus during an active outbreak of the sores.
Hershey Highway Refers to anal sex or the anus or rectum.
Heterosexism The tendency to see the world in exclusively heterosexual terms and to dismiss or devalue homosexuality. Also known as heterosexual bias.
Heterosexual A person who is sexually attracted primarily to members of the other gender.
Heterosexual Bias The tendency to see the world in exclusively heterosexual terms and to dismiss or devalue homosexuality. Also known as heterosexism.
Homophobia An irrational fear of and hostility towards homosexuals.
Homosexual A person who is sexually attracted primarily to members of her or his own gender.
Homosexuality Sexual relationships with individuals of the same gender.
Hooker Another term for a prostitute.
Horse Around To explore sexually without engaging in intercourse.
Hummer Slang term for the act or an instance of fellatio.
Hustler Prostitute that searches for customers.
Hymen A thin membrane that partially covers the vaginal entrance of most females at birth, although an intact hymen is sometimes erroneously thought to prove virginity, it can actually be broken by many activities besides intercourse.
Hypermasculinity An exaggeration of stereotypically male beliefs and behaviors through an emphasis on virility, strength, and aggression.
Hypoactive Sexual Desire A sexual disorder characterized by low or absent sexual desire.


Term Definition
Impotence When a guy can't get it up on a regular basis.
Impotent Unable to engage in sexual intercourse.
Incest Sex among immediate family members who are blood relatives.
Infatuation Foolish and irrational love, often known as a crush.
Intercourse Dude you really are on the wrong website!
Interfemoral Intercourse Sexual activity in which the penis is thrust between the thighs of a partner
Irie Rasta or reggae term meaning cool, relaxing, calm, and collected, how you hopefully feel after making love.


Term Definition
Jade Stalk Chinese Taoist term for penis.
Janey Lesbian slang for the vagina.
Jelly Roll Jazz term for female genitals.
Jilling Slang term for female masturbation.
Jism Slang term for semen.
Joani's Butterfly A small vibrator that can be strapped in place for use during intercourse or when out on the town.
John Thomas British term for penis, aka old fella.


Term Definition
Kaplan's Tri-Phasic Model A model that, unlike Masters and Johnson's model, divides sexual response into three phases: desire, excitement, and orgasm.
Kegel Exercises Genital aerobics-when you squeeze or contract the muscles surrounding your genitals in a way that would stop the flow if you were taking a leak.
Killer Pussy How guys occasionally refer to a vagina that feels extra wonderful.
Kinsey Average 1. Oh, about two and a half minutes. 2. The amount of time sex researcher Alfred Kinsey estimated that it takes the average American male to orgasm during intercourse, because of increased public awareness, the Kinsey average has probably increased in the last thirty years, perhaps even doubled.
Klismaphilia A sexual variation in which the person derives sexual excitement from giving or receiving enemas.
Knickers British for panties.
Kow Tow To show submissiveness or groveling deference.


Term Definition
Labia Majora The fatty pads of tissue lying on either side of the vaginal opening and inner lips. Also known as major (or outer) lips.
Labia Minora The inner lips of the vulva, which also attach to the underside of the clitoris. Tugging gently on the inner lips of a sexual partner can be a fine way to stimulate the nerves of her clitoris without overwhelming them.
Lactation The production and secretion of milk in the breasts of the female, used to nourish the newborn baby.
Lavender Pertaining to the homosexual lifestyle.
Leg Spreader 1. A bar with ankle cuffs on each end that keeps a woman's legs spread open, see spreader bar. 2. Drink where no two recipes are even remotely the same, often includes several of the following: Bacardi 151, Wild Turkey, Jack Daniels, Tequila, Vodka, sweet vermouth, and a cherry of course.
Lesbian A female homosexual.
Libido What Freud said is the fuel for our desire to make an emotional connection with others, he did not limit the term to erotic or horny feelings as is often done in the present day and age.
Limbic System The set of structures around the midbrain involved in regulating sexual behaviors.
Limerance Romantic love marked by preoccupation, and often, obsession, with the loved one.
Lubricant The slippery fluid secreted from the walls of the vagina during sexual arousal, also available in synthetic form to supplement or replace the natural version. The synthetic version is also used for activities that require lubrication such as anal intercourse.
Lubrication The slippery fluid secreted from the walls of the vagina during sexual arousal, also available in synthetic form to supplement or replace the natural version.


Term Definition
Mammary Gland The portion of a mature female breast that produces milk.
Map of Tasmania Slang term in Australia for women's genitals or vulva.
Masochism A sexual variation in which the individual derives sexual pleasure from experiencing pain.
Masochist A person who invites pain and passively controls others in the process, a bottom or submissive.
Masters And Johnson's Four-Phase Model A model of the sexual response cycle that divides it into four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.
Masturbation Self-stimulation of the genitals for sexual pleasure.
Matinee A sex session in the afternoon.
Menage a Trois Includes either two men and a lucky woman or two women and a lucky man, aka threesome.
Merkin Wig for the pubic area, supposedly originated in past centuries to hide syphilis lesions. Was held in place by toupee glue or a small G-string.
Missionary Position Intercourse position where the man and woman are horizontal and face to face, usually with the man on top.
Mistress Used to be the other woman, now is a BDSM term for dominatrix.
Monet Someone who looks hot from across the room, but is ugly close up.
Monger A term to describe a person who deals with something undesirable or discreditable; such as patronizing prostitutes.
Mons Pubis In the female, the mound of fatty tissue covering the pubic bone that is covered by pubic hair, also known as mons veneris.
Mons Veneris The pubic mound, literally, Mountain of Venus. Also known as mons pubis.
Montgomery Nodes Little bumps that often form on the nipples after puberty, especially prominent when you feel a chill or are sexually aroused.
Morning-After Pill Pill which can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected intercourse which greatly reduces the chances of becoming pregnant. Especially helpful if the rubber broke.
Mother Fist and Her Five Daughters British masturbation term, the equivalent American term is Rosie Palm and her five sisters, and the Australian term is Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters.
Muff Diving Slang term for oral sex on a woman.
Multiple Orgasms Having several orgasms in a short period of time with no refractory period in between.
Mutual Masturbation Where partners manipulate each other's genitals.


Term Definition
Nappy Dugout Slang term for female genitals, the nappy refers to the pubic hair, and the dugout is the recessed part of a baseball stadium where the players sit.
Narcissism One who is stimulated by one's own body.
Necrophilia A paraphilia characterized by sexual arousal from, or activity with, a corpse.
Nipple Clips Variation of a roach clip that is placed on each nipple as part of sex play aka nipple clamps.
Nocturnal Emission Sexual dream of the male that includes ejaculation, aka wet dream.
Nocturnal Orgasm Orgasm that occurs during sleep.
Nonoxynol-9 The sperm killing chemical in many spermicides.
Non-pro A girl who does not work as a prostitute or accept money for sex and has a normal job or rich parents.
Nymphomania A pejorative, unscientific term that is used to refer to sexual behavior or desire in women that is considered excessive or abnormal.


Term Definition
Obscenity That which is legally deemed offensive to accepted standards of decency or morality.
Onanism Means masturbation, named after the Bible's Onan, who spilled his seed (pulled out and came on the side). Yet Onan was clearly doing coitus interruptus rather than jerking off. Maybe God was annoyed because Onan came before helping his wife have an orgasm.
One-Eyed Slang terms for the penis in the UK and Australia often begin with one-eyed, such as one-eyed wonder worm, one-eyed trouser snake, one-eyed pant python, one-eyed willie, etc.
Oral Intercourse A sexual activity whereby the mouth of one person is used in connection with the sexual organs of another person to produce sexual gratification.
Oral Sex Sex involving pleasuring the genitals with the mouth and/or tongue.
Orgasm The peak of sensation during sexual activity.


Term Definition
Pandering Legal term for Pimping.
Pansy Pejorative, slang term for a homosexual.
Paraphilia Is a term that describes a family of persistent, intense fantasies, aberrant urges, or behaviors involving sexual arousal.
Passive The fuckee.
Pearl Diver Slang term for the one who performs oral sex on the penis.
Pearl Necklace Cuming on a woman's chest.
Pederasty The insertion of the penis into the anus.
Pediculosis Pubis Lice that infest the pubic hair, commonly referred to as crabs.
Pedophilia Sexual love of a child (12 & under) by an adult. see also Ephebophilia
Peeping Tom A slang term for a voyeur.
Pegging When a girl does her guy in the rear with a dildo, see also strap-on.
Penis The male sex organ consisting of head, shaft and base.
Penis Envy In psychoanalytic theory, a woman's desire to have a penis, whether literally or metaphorically.
Perineum The area between the anus and testicles, anus and vagina.
Perversion An old-fashioned term for a sexual deviation.
Pervert A person who receives sexual gratification from kinky sex acts.
Phallic Penis or penis-like in shape or form.
Phallus An object that is a penis or penis-like in shape or form.
Pheromone A sexually arousing chemical substance that is secreted into the air by many kinds of animals, including, possibly, humans.
Piercing Placing jewelry, a safety pin or facsimile through a person's nose, lip, nipples, navel, genitals, or anywhere skin grows, a form of body mod.
Pillow Biter 1. When receiving anal sex is painful. 2. Pejorative, slang term for a homosexual.
Pink Pearl Pink, bullet-shaped vibrator, can be inserted into the vagina.
Platonic Partners or friends not having sex.
Plethysmograph A device used to measure physiological sexual arousal in the male.
Polyamory 1. In this form of lifestyle, people have sex in committed relationships with a set number of different partners. 2. Can include everything from open marriage to polygamy.
Poofter British term for a gay male, aka anal amigo, bum chum, starfish trooper, sausage jockey or on the other bus.
Poontang Word of dubious origin that refers to a woman's genitals or what one received from them if he is a male.
Pop a Cod Slang Term meaning to seriously injure a testicle.
Poppers Sold over the counter as a liquid air deodorizer, poppers were originally made of amyl nitrate (which is for heart patients). Then the formula was switched to butyl nitrate because the amyl formulation could no longer be legally sold over the counter. When butyl nitrate was outlawed, popper makers switched the formula to a type of isopropyl alcohol which is fairly dangerous, but legal nonetheless.
Pornography Sexually oriented material that is not considered acceptable to the viewer, the same material when judged subjectively acceptable is often referred to as erotica.
Precum Slick, clear fluid that drips out of the penis when it is excited. Most people assume it is nature's own form of KY Jelly, however, precum helps to neutralize or deacidify the urethra. This makes it easier on the ejaculate. Precum also makes the walls of the urethra more slick so the semen has less resistance. It also helps the foreskin slide more easily over the head of the penis. see also Cowper's glands.
Premature Ejaculation A sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to control or delay ejaculation as long as desired.
Prepuce The foreskin.
Priapism A hard-on that won't quit. Not a good thing. Having an erection for more than four hours straight without its going down can result in permanent penile paralysis. While priapism is not a common occurrence, emergency room visits should be planned accordingly
Prince Albert Male genital piercing where the ring goes in through the urethra and comes out on the underside of the penis (dare we say ouch?). Allegedly named after the husband of Queen Victoria, who had it done so he could strap his rather well-endowed penis to his leg to keep it from showing through the tight-fitting trousers that were in fashion. But this is probably more rumor than truth. Queen Victoria never mentioned it in state papers.
Pro A professional prostitute.
Promiscuous A pejorative term used to refer to someone who engages in sexual activity with more individuals than the user of the term.
Prophylactic A drug or device used to prevent disease, commonly used to refer to a condom.
Prostate 1. Walnut-shaped gland located on the floor of a man's rectum nearly a finger's length up his bum. 2. It generates about 30% of the fluid in each ejaculation.
Prostitute A person who performs sexual acts for money.
Prostitution The selling of sexual stimulation for money.
Pubic Hair Hair on the lower abdomen and genital area that begins to appear at puberty.
Pudenda Anatomical term for women's external genitals (vulva), from the Latin word pudere, which means to be ashamed.
Punanny Rasta or reggae term for sex, I want punanny!
Pushover Easily persuaded to engage in sex.
Pussy Whipped A mental illness whereby the male hovers, grovels and begs in excess of what is normally required to have sex.
Pussy Whipper A sexual partner who is very controlling and rarely satisfied. She often wishes aloud that her man would be more aggressive, yet would annihilate him the second he dared.


Term Definition
Queef A vagina fart.
Queening When a woman straddles a man and rubs or grinds her vulva into his face. see also face sitting.
Queer Pejorative, slang term for a homosexual.
Quim British term for vulva or vagina.


Term Definition
Randy Australian term for horny.
Rectum The tube between the colon and the anus
Red Wings What a man earns when he's performed oral sex on a woman who is menstruating.
Retarded Ejaculation A sexual dysfunction in which the male is unable to have an orgasm despite sufficient arousal and stimulation.
Retrograde Emission When an ejaculating penis backfires. Can be caused by prostrate problems or because a man clamps the end of his penis shut when he's jerking off.
Reverse Cowgirl Intercourse position where the female is on top, facing the man's feet.
Rimming 1. Slang term for analingus. 2. Kissing ass, literally, aka ass-blowing, tossing salad or E-coli pie.
Road Erection Unwanted wood can happen any time to a guy who is sitting in a vehicle that vibrates (bus, car, tractor, etc.). It is caused by a combination of the vibration, which sends extra blood into the penis, and sitting, which tends to shut the veins that carry blood out of the penis.
Roman Culture Refers to swinging and group sex.
Roofies Refers to any number of drugs that are used in date rape, sometimes rohypnol, sometimes GHB, maybe even ketamine. Using drugs for date rape may be as much of a media creation as anything else, when you consider that the vast majority of women who experienced date rape had been drinking lots of alcohol. So if you want to significantly lower your chances of date rape, don't drink at parties or in places where bad things might happen.
Russian See Tit fucking.


Term Definition
Sadism A sexual variation in which the person derives sexual pleasure from inflicting pain, physical or mental, on someone else.
Sadomasochism (S&M) Where people find it erotic when there's an imbalance in power in a relationship and one person submits while the other dominates.
Safe Word In BDSM, a special prearranged word or gesture that the submissive bottom can say to the dominant top which means to stop.
Safer Sex Sexual activities that do not involve the exchange of bodily fluids. Used to prevent the transmission of diseases such as HIV.
Sappho Poetess on the island of Lesbos noted for her use of nonphallic imagery.
Sarcoptes Scabiei The mite that causes scabies.
Satyriasis A pejorative, unscientific term that is used to refer to sexual behavior or desire in men that is considered excessive or abnormal.. It is the male analogue of the more common term nymphomania.
Scabies An contagious skin condition that characterized by an intensely itchy rash and caused by a barely visible mite that burrows under the skin.
Scat When brown is a turn-on and the phrase Look at that sexy shit! means just that. see also coprophilia.
Schlong Jewish term for penis.
Scrotum The pouch or sac which contains the testicles.
Semen The alkaline fluid expelled from the penis during ejaculation, containing fluids combined from several glands as well as sperm.
Seminal Fluid Another term for semen.
Semi-pro A girl who doesn't work as a prostitute but will have sex with a rich person for gifts or money.
Sex The act of intercourse.
Sex Toy A device, such as a vibrator or dildo, designed to enhance sexual pleasure.
Sexologist A professional who studies sexual science.
Sexology The scientific study of sexuality.
Sextasy Refers to when people combine Ecstasy and Viagra, aka trail mix. The Ecstasy is not good on wood, so Viagra is used to help. No one knows the long-term effects of this combination, nor what's really in the Ecstasy or Viagra that you get on the street.
Sexual Arousal Disorder Failure to obtain or maintain erection or vaginal lubrication, despite adequate interest and stimulation.
Sexual Aversion Disorder A dysfunction characterized by extreme dislike and avoidance of sexual activities.
Sexual Dysfunction A difficulty with sexual responding that causes a person subjective distress. see also anorgasmia.
Sexual Enhancement Improvement or enrichment of sexual relationships among otherwise healthy, well-functioning individuals.
Sexual Masochism A sexual variation in which the individual derives sexual pleasure from experiencing pain.
Sexual Sadism A sexual variation in which the individual derives sexual pleasure from inflicting pain.
Sexuality An altered state of mind that's often quite enjoyable. Usually includes varying degrees of erotic or sensual feeling.
Sexually Explicit Material Material that graphically depicts sexual activities.
Sexually Oriented Material Materials such as photographs, videos, films, magazines, CD-ROMs or books whose primary themes or depictions involve sex.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Those illness that are communicated to another person via sexual contact.
Shake N Bake Slang term to make love, do the wild thing.
Skank A person who is short on physical and social graces, hard or harsh.
Skin Flick Porn film.
Sloppy Seconds Intercourse when you are not first in line.
Smegma Cheesy stuff that forms beneath the foreskin and under the hood of the clitoris.
Snowballing When a guy swallows his own ejaculate after it's been somewhere else, for instance, his partner gives him oral sex, he ejaculates in his partner's mouth, and then he kisses his partner and his partner transfers the ejaculate back into his mouth.
Sodomy An ambiguous legal term which, depending on the jurisdiction, which refers to so called unnatural acts such as anal intercourse, sexual relations with animals, or oral sex.
Softcore Nonexplicit sexually oriented material.
Spasm Chasm Slang term for a vagina, aka gristle gripper.
Spectatoring Describes what happens when a person is worried or obsessing about his or her sexual performance instead of being able to enjoy it, can be experienced by women who can't reach orgasm or by guys who have trouble getting it up, or who come too soon or too late, aka performance anxiety.
Sperm The fluid that erupts from the penis during ejaculation.
Spermatozoan Sperm.
Spermicide A substance that acts to kill or immobilize sperm, usually used as a contraceptive.
Spirochete The type of spiral shaped bacteria that causes syphilis.
Splash Conception Getting pregnant from doing anal sex without a rubber, after the male ejaculate oozes out of the woman's rear end and drips into her vagina. Are people conceived in this way doomed to be anal retentive?
Spreader Bar See leg spreader.
Squeeze Technique A technique used by sex therapists for the treatment of premature ejaculation in which the man or his partner squeezes the erect penis below the glans when he feels the likelihood of ejaculating, thereby reducing the urge.
Sterile Incapable of reproducing.
Stiffy Slang term for an erection.
Strap-On Abbreviation for a strap-on dildo, usually worn and used by women on men (aka bend over boyfriend or pegging) or on women, but can also be worn by men for double penetration or if their own penis can't get hard.
Street Walker A prostitute that works on the street.
Strudel Slang word for a penis.
Sugar Daddy A man who keeps a younger person for sexual favors.
Sweet Death Literary term for intercourse.
Swinger Partner swapping, enjoys having sex with lots of people.
Swingers Couples in committed relationships who enjoy having sex with a variety of sexual partners.
Switch Hitter A bi-sexual.
Switches People into BDSM who enjoy alternating between the top and the bottom roles.
Syphilis A STD caused by the Treponema pallidum bacterium.


Term Definition
Tea Room A public men's rest room.
Tea-Bagging When a man lowers his testicles into a partner's mouth.
Teddy Women's lingerie that is a combination of tank-top and panties, sometimes snaps at the crotch, usually made of silk, lace, acetate, or leather.
Telephone Scatalogia A nonspecified paraphilia characterized by a recurrent, intense urge or fantasy to make obscene telephone calls.
Testes The small, oval sex glands of the male, located in the scrotum that produce sperm and sex hormones.
Testicle One of the two male gonads inside the scrotum. Also called testis.
Testicles The male reproductive glands.
Testis Another word for testicle, singular term for testes.
Threesome Sex with two women and a man or two men and a woman. see also menage a trois.
Tit-Fucking When a well-lubricated penis is thrust back and forth between a woman's breasts, aka Russian.
Toolbox Slang term for the male genitals.
Top 1. A top is someone who prefers doing and a bottom is someone who prefers having it done to them. 2. In BDSM, the top is the master, mistress or dominatrix, the bottom is the servant, submissive or slave. 3. In anal sex, the bottom is the one who is catching or receiving (split end).
Tossing Salad Licking a lover's anus, aka rimming.
Tribadism A sexual activity in which one woman lies on top of another, often scissoring her legs with her partners', and moves rhythmically for mutual clitoral stimulation.
Triple Penetration Porn-film term for where there's a wealth of penii and only one taker, aka triple play.
Troilism A sexual behavior in which three people engage in sexual activity together.
Turn a Trick To take on a sex partner for money.
Tyson's Glands Glands under the foreskin of the penis that secrete a cheesy substance called smegma.


Term Definition
Urethra Duct which carries urine and semen.
Urolagnia Sexual pleasure from watching another drink urine.


Term Definition
Vacuum Cleaner One who applies great suction during oral sex.
Vagina According to Hunter Thompson and Andrew Dice Clay, it's the box a penis comes in, although most women would say it does just fine without the penis accessory, aka: gristle gripper or spasm chasm, see vulva.
Vaginismus A sexual dysfunction characterized by strong, involuntary muscle spasms around the vaginal entrance, preventing the insertion of a penis.
Vanilla Sex How some people describe sex that doesn't include kinky stuff.
Varicocele Collection of varicose veins in the scrotum where the blood flows the wrong way. This causes a swelling in the top and back of the testicle, and results a warmer scrotum which isn't good for sperm production. 85% of the time, it occurs in the left testicle and is the leading cause of infertility in men.
Vas Deferens A thin tube (a male has two of them) that carries sperm from the testicles to other organs, where it is stored.
Vasectomy Snip, snip.
Versatile Bi-sexual.
Vibrating Sleeve Soft, tubelike device with a vibrator in the end which men stick a lubricated penis into.
Vibrator Electrical device (usually shaped like a dildo) which makes some women very, very happy.
Virility The sexual power and capacity of a male.
Voyeur One who gains sexual satisfaction from watching others undressing or engage in sexual acts.
Voyeurism A sexual variation in which a person derives sexual pleasure from watching others nude or having sexual intercourse (often without their knowledge).
Vulva The collective term for the external female genitals.


Term Definition
Wanker Name that the Queen of England calls Andy and Charlie when they are being lazy or bad, e.g. Go suck on a pig's nose, you royal little wankers!
Water Sports Sexual term involving enemas.


Term Definition


Term Definition
Yohimbine 1. Tropical plant from Africa thought to help men get erections. 2. One of the ingredients in Mamajuana.


Term Definition
Zoophilia A nonspecified paraphilia referring to sexual excitement derived from sexual interactions with animals, often referred to as bestiality.