Credit Card Scams

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When traveling you should always be careful in using your credit card and check your transactions during your trip.

A scam is growing and out of control in the Dominican Republic (also probably in other Countries) I became a victim! Here is how it goes ... you use your credit card in a store (or a chica reads your credit card) they write the numbers down or have a good memory and when you are not looking they write them down. Also they can obtain the numbers from old receipts. They have machines that imprint your credit card numbers with another name and use a fake ID. If you go into Office Depot you can buy blank cards for about twenty bucks and use a printer to put a logo on the card. Although the magnetic swipe does not work... the clerk punches in the numbers... and whammo ..... Anyways I check my account about every two days.... while I was checking I noticed about $1800 USD charged in Santo Domingo when I was in Puerto Plata. I called my bank and they cancelled the account and did not have to pay the charges. The three charges were at restaurants in Santo Domingo; France Croissant, Restaurant Chino Maris and Cafeteria Manolo, also among some Farmacias and Ferreterias. I did have the stupid habit of throwing my ATM receipts and charge receips away... so be warned!