Brazilian Holidays

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DateEnglish NameLocal NameRemarks
January 1New Year's DayConfraternização Universal, Ano Novo
floatingCarnivalCarnavalTuesday before Ash Wednesday, although festivities begin in the preceding Friday
floating (44 days before Good Friday)Ash WednesdayQuarta-feira de CinzasOnly the morning is considered a holiday
floatingGood FridaySexta-Feira da Paixão, Sexta-Feira Santa
April 21 Tiradentes
May 1Labour Day / May DayDia do Trabalho
floating (62 days after Good Friday)Corpus Christi
September 7Independence DayDia da Independência
October 12Our Lady of AparecidaNossa Senhora de AparecidaAlso celebrated as Children's Day (Dia das Crianças) on the same date
November 2All Souls DayDia de Finados
November 15Proclamation of the Republic DayProclamação da República
December 25Christmas DayNatal

Other holidays

  • Dia dos Namorados is celebrated on June 12 as the Brazilian equivalent of St. Valentine's Day. On this day, boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, exchange gifts (lingerie, chocolates, and more), cards or a flower bouquet.
  • Dia das Mães is celebrated every second Sunday on May as the Brazilian equivalent of Mother's Day.
  • Dia dos Pais is celebrated every second Sunday on August as the Brazilian equivalent of Father's Day.
  • Festa de São João is a holiday celebrated June 24th in many Brazilian cities - especially the one in the Northeast area like Recife and Maceió.
  • Dia das Bruxas (Halloween) is not an official holiday but is commonly celebrated in the largest cities on the night of October 31, however, without the custom of trick-or-treat. In 2005, politicians voted for October 31st as the Dia do Saci, talking about the Brazilian Saci, a Brazilian Folklore image.
  • Dia do Soldado ("Soldier's Day") on August 25.
  • Dia do Índio ("Indian's Day") on April 19 to celebrate the indigenous peoples of Brazil

Local / Regional Holidays

  • January 20: Saint Sebastian (São Sebastião), City of Rio de Janeiro only
  • January 25: Founding of São Paulo (Aniversário de São Paulo), City of São Paulo only
  • February 2: Our Lady of Regla (Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes), City of Salvador, and Porto Alegre
  • April 23: Saint George (São Jorge), City of Rio de Janeiro only
  • July 9: Constitutionalist Revolution (Revolução Constitucionalista), State of São Paulo only
  • August 15: Our Lady of the Good Trip (Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem), City of Belo Horizonte only
  • September 20: War of Tatters-Farroupilha's Revolution (Revolução Farroupilha), State of Rio Grande do Sul only
  • November 20: Zumbi of Palmares, Black Consciousness Day (Zumbi dos Palmares, Dia da Consciência Negra), States of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro only
  • December 8: Our Lady of Conceição (Dia de Nossa Senhora da Conceição), State of Pernambuco, City of Belo Horizonte
  • October 24: founding of Goiânia, State of Goiás only