"Girl Friend Experience" vs "Girlfriend" Experience

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One of the best things I've read in such a long time. This was written by El Austriaco from ISG. Even though he focuses on Rio de Janeiro, this can go for chicas anywhere.

Treating the Girls Just Right (and Not Too Well)

A while back, I was following the discussion on this board on how to treat the girls with great interest. As a matter of fact, I was thinking about chiming in, but before I could do so, the discussion veered off in another direction, so I refrained. Seems we are back on the topic right now, and everyone appears to be in agreement on the benefits of pampering the girls. I am somewhat amused to see how downright “romantic” this issue is being addressed here, with talk about “care packages” and stuff, considering that, after all, we are talking about hardcore hookers here. So let me play the devil’s advocate here and say something that, IMHO, definitely needs to be said in this matter since it is equally important, if not more so:

Should you treat the girls with respect? Of course, just like you would treat any other human being. Should you treat them well? Definitely, as long as it helps you get the GFE, if you’re looking for that. If treating a girl well get’s you good service, does treating a girl like royalty get you stellar service? No, it doesn’t. It gets you heachaches… and lots of it.

In other words: treat them well, yes. Just make sure you don’t treat them too well.

Let me make one thing very clear here. I see a big difference between a “girlfriend experience” and a “girlfriend” experience. For me, the first one means that during the time you pay a GDP, she treats you (i.e. pretends to act) like an actual girlfriend (e.g. DFK, BBBJ, DATY, among other things that are normally not associated with professional girls in many places), but once time is up, she leaves (and leaves you alone). You will get a “girlfriend” experience, on the other hand, once you or the girl somewhat lose sight of the actual circumstances and somehow start believing that you are, indeed, GF and BF, and start acting like that. In that case, you are most likely in for a very troublesome spell, with different measures of jealousy, possessiveness, and mind games thrown in. To say nothing of vicious fights and other goodies.

As a monger looking for a GFE, IMHO, you would be well advised to not cross over into a “girlfriend” experience. Needless to say, the line between the two is precariously thin.

Monger 3 said...you treat the girls nice, word spreads that you are tão legal. Maybe, maybe not. As Ibiza said, during the off-season, gringos are scarce. Treat a girl too well, and she will cling to you like poison ivy, desperately trying to hang on to her prized meal ticket. Forget about picking other chicks in Copacabana, just forget it. From the very first day, she will fight tooth and nails to stay with you. Every single time I’ve treated a Copacabana GDP really well, this has happened to me, not one single exception. Once she self-declares herself your girlfriend, she will make sure that every other girl in Copacabana knows about it, and she will protect her status with all means at her disposal: lying, cajoling, threatening, fighting. And you might find yourself stuck with her... just like with a regular girlfriend.

Monger 3 also said… the next thing you know, you are banging this girl, her friends, her sister, her cousins, her aunts, her mom, and her daughters if they are old enough. Possibly. Still, it would be insane to do so, because sooner or later, word will go around, and there will be a nasty fight for the meal ticket between two or more of them. Might be interesting to see, at first, until you realize that they are actually fighting for the right to kill you first. There are lots of risky activities you might wanna try in Brazil, but this is not one of them. This is suicidal.

Someone suggested, don't remember who… to get a true GFE, give her a boy friend experience. Hm, I am not sure about that. For me, the reason I pay those girls is that I don't have to pretend to be their boyfriend, let alone be a boyfriend (just a nice, respectful monger that treats them right). Treat them with respect and dignity, fine, but this seems like crossing the line. If you´re going to Rio de Janeiro to find one girl and stay with her the whole time, great, but what if you wanna sample a variety of girls without attachments? Treat them too well, and you will have a big headache trying to get rid of them.

The recommendations about small gifts are all cute and dandy as long as and only as long as they get you what you want: a better performance from a GDP. The gifts that are being suggested are all cheap enough to be almost negligible in the overall scheme of things for us. To a GDP, however, they mean a lot, even if its only a few bucks. I’ve seen GDPs engage in fist-fights over one Real in Meia Pataca, I am serious. So those gifts are perfectly suited to make her feel appreciated.

Just be careful that you don’t overdo it and accidentally send the wrong message.

As soon as any of these girls gets to clingy to you and starts hinting that she is anything, anything more than just a GDP providing a GFE, get rid of her. Don’t wait. If you do, things will only go downhill from there. I remember one girl I had only talked to for half an hour, who slapped another girl that just had looked at me in a public restaurant, breaking a few chairs and tables in the process. Needless to say, a huge fight ensued involving the whole place. We both got kicked out of the joint and were told never to return. This was on the very first night I ever went out in Brazil. Just to give you an idea of how jealous and possessive and controlling they get in a hurry.

I vaguely remember that when I first started reading ISG, back in the 90s, I read something in the archives that has always stuck in my mind. Someone said something like “Every time I fall in love in Rio de Janeiro, I open my wallet and take out this note that I have written to myself. It reads “She is a Copacabana beach hooker”. I read it over and over again.” This is pure genius, plain and simple. I think everyone should carry a note like that… especially mongers that walk that dangerously fine line of the GFE.

My point is: there is no reason to treat a GDP with anything less than respect. After all, she is a woman, too, who likes to be treated well, like any woman. There are certainly mongers that are disrespectful and outright gross in their treatment of GDPs, and I got a big problem with that. Treat them reasonably well, and you will be rewarded. But I also got a problem with treating them too well, because treating them excessively well also carries risks, just like treating them poorly. By being too nice, you might just end up causing yourself a lot of grief.

Of course, the crux of the matter is to determine exactly where the difference between “reasonably well” and “too well” lies for you or for them. I guess you will find out… sooner or later.

In other words: treat them like a GDP that is acting like your girlfriend for a while. You start treating them like your girlfriend, they will start treating you like her boyfriend. With everything that that entails.